Occasional Part Time Vegetarianism

Why do people seem to have such all or nothing attitudes? We live in a complicated world in a complicated society, in complicated times. Everyone has their own lives where they are permitted to make their own decisions.

Food has become strangely political, and what we eat is somehow now a statement of who we are. There are the health nuts, the junk food junkies, the meat and potatoes people who just want a basic meal. Some people are vegetarian, some people are vegan. Many are omnivores. Some people pay attention to what they eat, while others do not.

Part Time Vegetarian I Have A Secret


Nobody is going to change anybody’s mind about their eating habits and desires. It’s one of those strange topics where people can get quite preachy and opinionated, even though they should know full well that harping at acquaintances is going to do nothing but hurt their case.

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