Be a Bit Less Shy and Anxious in One Week

You’ve likely heard, “don’t be so shy!” and “learn to chill out!” from your well-meaning friends and family. But have they ever explained HOW to do this? Have you ever put any time and effort into the problem, or is it just so uncomfortable that you stop thinking about it and hope it magically goes away? Thinking about anxiety is unpleasant, but avoiding the thoughts altogether will not improve your situation.

It’s time to take action – a few simple written exercises are
all it takes to get you started.
Nothing extreme or weird. 

Through this week-long email course, you’ll learn about how and why your brain overreacts, how to prepare in advance to deal with social anxiety, and you’ll begin the process of turning it down. Anxiety and shyness do not have an on-off switch. But we can learn to turn them down enough to survive. You just need to make the choice to work on it a little. You’ll learn many little steps so that you can go at your own pace.

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