Coffee Break Links – Easy Improvements

For today’s link collection, let’s look at little ways we can shake up our lives, and make a few positive changes. There are always a few things  that need a tweak or two. Instead of home improvements, let’s do some personal improvements!



Most of us know we should exercise more, but feel like it would completely disrupt our lives, make us exhausted, be expensive – we’re so good with excuses! But what if we half-assed it? Instead of finding workout clothes, starting a whole program or whatever – just do a few little things every day!

– Get off the subway or bus two stops earlier and walk
– Do ten pushups and twenty situps on your floor right now
– Stretch during the commercials of your favourite show
– Do ten squats while brushing your teeth

There are a zillion ways you could move your body today without any huge fuss. We just have to actually do it.
Ten Minute Total Body Workout –
Ten Easy Exercises you can do at Home –
25 ways to fit in Ten Minutes of Exercise –

The internet is chock-full of resources and guides on how to do any number of things, yet we skim photos of cats and cheesy jokes. Set aside ten minutes a day for personal development. On your lunch break, or during your after work zone-out time:

– Watch a TED talk –
– Check out a Personal Development Channel –
Note: Some of those are super cheesy, and all about business, but some are about goal setting. Open your mind, and check out something new and different!
– Take ten minutes to meditate. Nothing fancy, just breath quietly and sit still while listening to a focus music track for a little while –

Are you a shy, anxious person? We avoid even thinking about such things because it’s so uncomfortable. But if it’s something you’d like to improve, you’re going to have to work on it. This week-long email course will give you tips and information about how your brain is messing you up, how to control and re-wire it, and give you daily exercises so that you can begin to turn down your shyness.

Special deal – only $5 until June 20th, then it will be $9

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We sit in our homes for hours at a time, and sometimes don’t consider how the look of the space can have an impact on our mood and state of mind.

– Boost your Mood using 5 Scientific Decorating Tips –
– Room Colour and How it Affects Your Mood –
– Improve your Mood with these Decorating Tips –
– It’s summer, every corner store and vegetable market has some cheap plants out front. Treat yourself to some greenery!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to do something positive for yourself today!

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