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For today’s link collection, let’s look at little ways we can examine our lives, and make a few positive changes. With summer finally here, we can let the good weather be a catalyst to make good decisions. There are always a few things in our lives that need a tweak or two.

Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. I think that if we don’t stop and examine ourselves at regular intervals, we don’t progress, and can let things slip through the cracks.


What is your quality of life? Job satisfaction? Relationship status? Do you feel satisfied with how you spend most of your time?

Keeping a daily journal can help you examine what is working, what isn’t, and what topics keep floating around your mind. I suggest forgoing an expensive journal for a crappy dollar store book you can jam into your bag and keep with you. A journal isn’t for fancy writing – it’s scribbling down dreams and venting about daily crap.

If you’re looking to give your life a kick in the pants, and be more confident in this awkward, panic inducing world, please check out my sassy self help book –
It can help you with goal setting, anxiety, and learning how to make plans. Even if you have never read a self-help book in your life, why not give it a shot? Trying new things keeps us interesting… if you’re into that sort of thing.
Warning: Contains salty language, science, psychology, snarky humour, and Canadian spellings.

A great catalyst for ideas, examination, and creativity are TED talks. These short videos are inspiring, and trigger many questions. There is something for everyone – no matter what problems you might be facing, there are a couple of TED talks that can help you.

Here is a great article, featuring 10 things to re-examine about your life:
It’s so easy to get busy and take things for granted, or do what has always been done. Why not take a sharper look at the elements of your life, and see if anything needs tweaking?

If you’ve ever thought that something was impossible, or too improbable to even try – think again. “There is no cure for the common cold” has been accepted as fact for years, but that may be turned on its head soon. Researchers have discovered how to stop replication of the common cold virus. It’s very technical, but super cool. It looks like it will prevent a cold, not cure it, but honestly, that’s good enough!



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