Occasional Part Time Vegetarianism

Why do people seem to have such all or nothing attitudes? We live in a complicated world in a complicated society, in complicated times. Everyone has their own lives where they are permitted to make their own decisions.

Food has become strangely political, and what we eat is somehow now a statement of who we are. There are the health nuts, the junk food junkies, the meat and potatoes people who just want a basic meal. Some people are vegetarian, some people are vegan. Many are omnivores. Some people pay attention to what they eat, while others do not.

Part Time Vegetarian I Have A Secret


Nobody is going to change anybody’s mind about their eating habits and desires. It’s one of those strange topics where people can get quite preachy and opinionated, even though they should know full well that harping at acquaintances is going to do nothing but hurt their case.

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Be a Bit Less Shy and Anxious in One Week

You’ve likely heard, “don’t be so shy!” and “learn to chill out!” from your well-meaning friends and family. But have they ever explained HOW to do this? Have you ever put any time and effort into the problem, or is it just so uncomfortable that you stop thinking about it and hope it magically goes away? Thinking about anxiety is unpleasant, but avoiding the thoughts altogether will not improve your situation.

It’s time to take action – a few simple written exercises are
all it takes to get you started.
Nothing extreme or weird. 

Through this week-long email course, you’ll learn about how and why your brain overreacts, how to prepare in advance to deal with social anxiety, and you’ll begin the process of turning it down. Anxiety and shyness do not have an on-off switch. But we can learn to turn them down enough to survive. You just need to make the choice to work on it a little. You’ll learn many little steps so that you can go at your own pace.

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It is always okay to ask for help

It is always okay to ask for help. No matter what your current circumstances, if you need it, please ask for help, or go get it.



I recently read an article about a very famous singer who had a terrible altercation with someone at a red carpet event. She was extremely upset, and realized that she craved a drink. She left the event as soon as she could, and went to a group meeting. Continue reading “It is always okay to ask for help”

After the Valentine’s Love Fest

Everyone thinks of romantic love on Valentine’s Day, but why not take a few minutes to explore all of the different kinds of love we have in this world?

There can be a letdown after Valentine’s Day, but there doesn’t have to be. Whether or not you have a romantic partner, it’s better if the amount of love in your life is spread over many areas. Don’t let the fake chocolate and roses holiday be the only occasion to examine the love in all areas of your world.

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5 Ways to Get Goals Back on Track

If your New Year’s Resolutions have already slipped from your daily activities, keep reading. There are always ways to get goals back on track.



How did we do with our New Year’s “Revolutions”? Did we work on them every day? Did we forget? Did something happen to knock us off course?

We all run into obstacles. Life takes weird turns. We get the stomach flu, a huge project gets dumped on us, files corrupt and five hours of work has to be redone. It’s always messy. But we pick ourselves up and start fresh every day. Sure, our goals might get derailed for a few days while we catch up. But then we grab that do list and start again. Continue reading “5 Ways to Get Goals Back on Track”

New Year as a Catalyst for Change

New calendars, new schedules, new environments, new phases – these can all be signals that we need a change in our lives. Why not use the New Year as a catalyst for change?


In order to change anything about yourself, you first need to understand why you want to alter the way things are. What do you need? Does something just need improvement? Does something need to be done a completely different way to avoid a problem? Can things be more efficient? Is there a mental block that has bothered you and it is finally time to work through it?  Analyzing why you want to make a change will help you in your process.

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2018 – New Year’s Revolutions

When we were very small, my youngest sister once babbled something about “New Year’s Revolutions”.  It was one of the most brilliant toddler errors I have ever heard, and I am  extremely grateful that I remember that.

While many people vow to lose ten pounds, declutter their garage, or read a book each month, I think it’s time to stop making average resolutions and small goals. I think it’s time to get fired up. I think we should use New Year’s 2018 as a catalyst for great change.

This is the year to Kick Anxiety’s Ass.
Are you in?

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How to Avoid Negative People – Self Care



Sometimes we need to stop being so darn Canadian, and be more aggressive as we avoid negative people. We are under no obligation to be overly polite to people we don’t like and don’t get along with. It’s hard wanting to be nice, even when people are toxic and you know you need to get away from them for your own good. And yet, the thought of them being offended stops us from acting.

One of the things that anxious people are often anxious about is being well-liked, and being appropriate in every situation. That is a nice sentiment, but there are times when you really need to put yourself first. If you’re getting nothing positive out of the relationship, let it go.

The more we filter nastiness out of our world, the better. Anxious people already have enough to deal with just getting through the day.

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