2018 – New Year’s Revolutions

When we were very small, my youngest sister once babbled something about “New Year’s Revolutions”.  It was one of the most brilliant toddler errors I have ever heard, and I am  extremely grateful that I remember that.

While many people vow to lose ten pounds, declutter their garage, or read a book each month, I think it’s time to stop making average resolutions and small goals. I think it’s time to get fired up. I think we should use New Year’s 2018 as a catalyst for great change.

This is the year to Kick Anxiety’s Ass.
Are you in?


I could say that an eight is simply a vertical infinity symbol, and this is a sign that infinite things are possible this year. That sounds a little woo woo, but what the heck.

I have spent so much of my life in fear, altered by anxiety.  Many of my decisions are based on whether or not I can handle the resulting stress. Will this decision make me anxious? Will this new project stress me out? Am I able to handle this aggressive deadline or goal? I take on some challenges, and deflect others. I am picky. I over-analyze. I hold myself back much more than is healthy.

I think it’s really time to practice what I preach, and stomp down some more barriers.  I need to become freaking Godzilla. Every time I waffle about a decision, I need the voice in my head to roar “Stomp That Fear.” (Suddenly I have an urge to get little Godzilla footprints tattooed on my inner arm. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll use eyeliner for now.)

I want to do workshops on how to get over shyness  and anxiety, both in person and via Skype. I have only done one, and the woman who attended said it was extremely helpful. The only thing holding me back is a little bit of money and the sheer bloody-mindedness required to book it and lock it down. Money can be borrowed, time can be made, and my own ass is about to be kicked.

I am writing a self-help book on reinventing yourself, but I have been hitting mental blocks about finishing because I am nervous of what other people will think. This is ridiculous. If I think it’s good, I must put it out into the world and other people can make their own decisions. If I don’t take this step, I will never know. My own ass is about to be kicked.

I have a writing project under a pen name that would be doing much better if I were publishing one story per week. I have had great reviews so far, and the first round of stories are selling sporadically, but better than expected. Why am I not creating a steady schedule and building momentum? My own ass is about to be kicked.

Time to STOMP the Fear.

Do you want to join me on this journey? Grab your notebook and scribble down a few slightly aggressive “revolutions” that you could make in your own life.

How bad is your anxiety? Many people experience very severe anxiety, and require medical / professional help in dealing with it. If this is you, I applaud you for making that distinction. I strongly urge you to speak with your doctor immediately and start the process of developing your anxiety management program. Until then, perhaps do some research and brainstorm some ideas on what you can do to begin to manage things a little better.

For most of us, it is manageable in different ways on different days, and in different situations. Sometimes it is limiting, sometimes it is paralyzing. But there are usually ways that we can work through it. There are differences, however, in forcing ourselves to do something extreme, and developing a plan where we build, grow and get ourselves past the hurdle in a calm, steady way. This is the work that I am most interested in. Discovering small challenges where we can push ourselves without trauma. Each day we build on the prior events, until we find things getting easier overall.

Your first few steps as a toddler were unsure, likely terrifying. Now you walk around without even thinking about it. We’ve worked at this walking business until we’re comfortable. What else can we build on?

January First, let’s all share our goals at https://www.facebook.com/IHaveASecretDotCom/

If you write something down, it is much more likely to actually happen. But if you say something out loud or online in front of another person, there is sort of a contract. Now you really have to do it. Of course there will be no consequences, but you know you said it, and now you should feel obligated to get it done.

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Oh my goodness – Godzilla has four toes on each foot. Therefore, when he is standing, he is making eight spikes in the dirt. 8. 2018. See? It is all coming together!

Stomp out Fear & Anxiety in 2018!

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