Good News – Interesting, Happy Coffee Break Links – Jan 3

With the New Year just a few days past, today’s focus will be goal setting and planning. Whether are you are making a formal resolutions or just setting your intentions for 2018, the most important thing is to write it down. Studies have shown that things are at least 30% more likely to be accomplished if they are written down by hand.


A friend sent me a link to this amazing planner that apparently has been scientifically designed to make you happier and more productive. The video is really cute, and if you can afford a $40 planner, it looks great. (Also available on Amazon.) If not, you could always take a look at their layout, and adapt certain elements to whatever notebook you are currently using. Personally, I prefer cheap notebooks that I can get dirty and cram in my overstuffed purse.

If one of your goals is to be healthier (or just to lose that extra pound of holiday chocolate) try to concentrate on more rather than less. More salad, more walking, more water. Focusing on the positive means that you are not concentrating on what you are missing. I don’t know how “epic” these salads are, but some look truly delicious:

Most people could use a bit more exercise. To help get you off the couch, here is a handy list of 10 things that happen to your body after each workout:

Remember – workouts don’t have to be running 10 miles in the snow. You could stretch and march in place while watching Jeopardy. You can jump up and do some brisk calisthenics during commercials while watching a movie. These little bits of exercise really do add up, and increase your circulation.

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you need a better night time routine, or even just a new pillow, it is certainly worth looking into.

While you are doing your analysis of the coming year, and setting up your goals, You may want to revisit this article, “6 harsh truths that will make you a better person.”   it is harsh indeed, but extremely accurate. Also, we should watch Alec Baldwin’s scene from Glengarry Glen Ross at least once a year anyway.

Many people have a daily do list, and a weekly planner. Have you ever made a three to five year plan? I haven’t. I likely should. Unless things are written down, the attention wanders away and suddenly you’re 99 and forgot to go rock climbing at least once.


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