Positive Energy Without Being a Hippie

If you are looking for patchouli and crystals and incense, keep Googling. If you are looking for practical, logical ideas about how to bring positive energy into your day, keep reading.

There is nothing wrong with being a hippie, but some of us just don’t swing that way. You do you! Many of us occasionally find ourselves feeling down, depressed, and lacking positive energy, and need solutions without making a trip to the new age store.

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Look the Part You Want to Play

If you want to be a certain sort of person, you need to think about your appearance. It might seem petty but it has a huge effect on how the world treats you, how people perceive you. Also, that is the person you see every time you walk by something reflective. Do you look boring? Do you look interesting? Do you look like a librarian, a doctor, a rockstar, a genius, a punk, a goth, a professor of heavy metal studies?

If this is the way you are presenting yourself to the world, you need to take some time to analyze it. Tweak little things, or change important elements. But it absolutely must be considered.

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Decluttering is Hard, Giving Things Away is Easy!

One of the strange things I have anxiety about is letting things go. Perhaps it is because my grandmother grew up during the war, and always instilled in us the importance of making the most of every object. Maybe I am afraid that I will not have the material things I need and therefore be left unprepared, which can lead to being stressed out, embarrassed, and other nasty emotions. Maybe growing up fairly poor made me afraid that I won’t be able to purchase things I want in the future.

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