Becoming Comfortable with feeling Uncomfortable

Being perfectly comfortable at all times is a great way to stay precisely the same. No growth, no change ever happens without pushing yourself through an area that is uncomfortable in some way.

These difficult things don’t need to be dangerous or crazy. I would never suggest anyone go skydiving.  But trying a completely new makeup look, or new style of shoes can be a small catalyst to help us see ourselves differently.

If we look precisely the same for 20 years, we are going to feel precisely the same for 20 years. What kind of life is that? Doing the same things will have the same results, and will prevent us from growing.

It is important to keep things interesting. Maybe it is time to try a new hobby, knowing that you are going to be terrible at it for a while. You don’t suck, you are new. It’s a huge difference. Allowing ourselves to be new and free can open fresh mental pathways that we have not used lately. We meet new people, are exposed to unique ideas, and unfamiliar thoughts lead us in unusual directions.

Every time I notice that I have done some personal growth, it is from pushing myself through an awkward zone. Right now I’m changing careers from a full time graphic designer to a freelance graphic designer and writer. Gigantic change. Overwhelming stress. But I’m trying to recall the previous times I’ve had a massive life upheaval. It always turned out adequately at the very least, so this time should be no different.

So many people are terrified of being uncomfortable, for even a moment. They are going to have very boring lives. There’s no way you can do anything interesting without coming up against roadblocks at some point. Life is not easy. Life is, in fact, a messy place. Routines will be shaken, things will change around us.

I remember when I used to have a hellish commute to my day job. Sometimes there would be a subway delay, and people would just stand there and wait for hours rather than find a different route. There were many options, but they wouldn’t take the chance of being unsure. I found that bizarre. If the subway is down, take a streetcar or a bus. Jump in a taxi. Figure something out. Don’t just stand there like a trapped animal.

The more times I put myself in a situation where I am desperately uncomfortable, I can remember the previous times, and build from that. If I survived last month, I can survive it right now.

Can you? What is something you could do to push yourself through an uncomfortable zone this week? Comment!


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