5 Ways To Help Manage Your Anxiety and Stress Right Now

Let’s Start with the Bonus Exercise – Look at this photo for one minute, or until you find the ant. If you can’t find it, answer at bottom.

The Complete Breath

I’ll make an entire post about this soon, that goes into far more detail, but the short emergency version is this:

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3 Movies That Helped Me Analyze My Life


Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life is a movie from the early 90s about arriving in the afterlife and discovering that you must now go on trial to see if you move onward, or are sent back to earth for another lifetime there. It turns out that the point of life here on earth, since we use so very little of our brains, is to get over fear. The trials look at several points in your life, and people are judged by how they handled fear, and if they overcame it.

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Eyes Front, Keep Kicking.

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Not because I think there are monsters under the bed, but I’m afraid of tripping, stumbling, just not knowing what might be there. (This applies to many aspects of my life, I’m not good with surprises.) Dark water, however, is a whole other terror. You’ve seen the movies, you’ve heard the scientists describe what a tiny part of the ocean they’ve explored and what a giant unknown lies beneath the surface.

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