Good News – Interesting, Happy Coffee Break Links – Feb 7

Today’s links are about stress relief and anxiety treatment. If you wish to lower your anxiety, you will need to start looking into the various ways to begin that process.IHaveASecret-CoffeeLinksFEB7

For those who are considering online counselling, please check out Better Help. They have online therapists, plus many informative articles you mind find helpful. I found it quite inspiring just noodling around the site for a while:

Check out this in-depth article about the various kinds of anxiety therapy:

A cup of coffee can help with stress, depression, and memory loss? I KNEW it was magical!

Here are three instantly calming techniques for anxiety, using cognitive behavioral therapy:

No matter what your stress or anxiety level, everything’s better after you try bubble breathing. I have come across many versions of this technique, and I’m planning on making my own video that starts off more gradually to draw you into the slower breathing pattern in a more gentle manner. But this is still an excellent video:

I often mention the importance of baby steps and growing on tiny successes to build confidence and go farther. To demonstrate my point, here is a baby penguin taking their first steps. Try not to explode from the cuteness:


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