Good News – Health & Wellness Coffee Break Links – March 5

Today’s links are all about Health and Wellness. It’s too easy to fall into bad habits and malaise in the darkest days of winter, with spring still months away. Don’t give in to the dark side – especially if you suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. Even if you don’t, most of us could use a health tune up this month.



Please note that a few of today’s links are sponsored – you know I only post quality content that I think you will find interesting and useful, and I thank those who share their input and help support this site.


One of the worst things about anxiety and depression is feeling that you’re alone in all of this. It really doesn’t have to be that way. Sinking too deeply into your own mind is a horrible feeling, and I’ve been there.

At some point, you need to draw a line, pick yourself up, and speak with a therapist. You might not need to make years worth of appointments – sometimes just a handful of sessions can make a real, noticeable difference.

Talkspace is a great site that can help you begin the therapy process without needing to leave your own home. Match with a therapist who suits your personal therapy needs, then message with them online, or schedule a video chat.

You’ve likely heard me rant about needing to write things out in order to process them properly. How wonderful it could be to have a specialist offering feedback.

If you’re currently dealing with anxiety or depression, and think that you could benefit from professional help, check out this site. Also, please read the Blog section for tips on how to calm your mind when you can’t sleep, second-hand anxiety, and negative thinking.


I have read about the benefits of fasting for years, but it has always seemed a little unnerving to me. Several days without food? Yikes. But apparently that’s not required – there are easier ways to fast.

This article outlines a more reasonable fasting approach, and the many health benefits. It can help control the body’s response to stress, which can help those with anxiety. (Bonus points for anti-aging!) There are three different intermittent fasting cycles – if you need to shake up your health regime, this could do the trick.
(Check out the whole site for great, sensible workout and fitness advice and ideas.)


Many people rave about the health benefits of going vegan, but that’s an extreme choice for some. Why must it be all or nothing? Wouldn’t we see some health benefits, and contribute to saving the environment, if we ate vegan a few meals or days per week? Vegetarian people promote “Meatless Mondays” as a challenge to skip the meat just one day a week. Sample some new things, and be open minded!


Studies are uncovering more reasons why some people have addiction problems. But at the moment, it doesn’t matter how you got there, you just need help. Please reach out and get help. Nobody can take that journey alone and win the fight singlehanded.

Asking for help can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s the best thing you can possibly do when you are ready to conquer your addiction. Make it easier for yourself by reaching out online. Speak with experts who know what assistance is available, and can help you select a program that’s right for you.

If you have a loved one who is considering help, perhaps you can assist them with the research and decision making at the difficult time. Speak with a counselor who can place people in a spot where they are most likely to succeed.


The most important thing you can likely do for your health and wellness this week is to get outside. Harsh winter weather will be returning in a week or two. Before it does, get outside for some fresh air and long walks.

It’s too easy to hibernate completely when sidewalks are icy and the air scrapes your face. Make the most of this temporary reprieve. Get out to the movies, your friend’s poetry reading, a live band – absolutely anything. Live it up, and jump off the streetcar early to walk a few extra blocks while you’re out.

Take a moment to look up this week’s events in your city!


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