Good News – Interesting, Happy Coffee Break Links

Nov. 27, 2017 – Positive News from the Realms of Science, Art, Humanity, and Life


Good News Links - Interesting, Happy Coffee Break Links (Nov27)


If you want to improve anxiety and stress, you need to remember to breathe deeply. But how exactly does a deep breath change your brain?


This is seriously trippy… how can the universe really be infinite?


I know it’s not December first yet, so any mention of holiday stuff is a bit tacky, but this is such a lovely link. Do you adore stationery, cards, and paper? Books and pens are always fabulous gifts, especially for yourself! Plus supporting small local businesses is always a wonderful thing:


In the spirit of giving, here are 6 reasons why people donate money, or not:


“Big Bird” is showing how new species are evolving at a fascinating rate:


A look at the colours that surround us. Why does the urban intelligentsia wear black? Has time changed our perceptions of colour?


Last Week’s Good News Links:


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