Good News – Interesting, Happy Coffee Break Links – Dec4

With the sudden chill and darkness, and onset of pre-holiday stress, this week’s links focus on positivity, and useful tips to keep our anxious brains in a cheerful headspace.


Sometimes anxiety sneaks up on us, and we don’t realize we’ve accidentally been making things worse all along. Here are 7 little things that might be contributing to our anxiety.


For those who feel socially awkward, perhaps these ideas may help you lessen the dread of upcoming gatherings:
There are many family and work parties this month, be sure you don’t avoid them! Get out there and try, even if it’s just for an hour. (Sneaky Cynthia Tip – Be sure you’re there during the beginning of the party so people remember you being there, before they are three drinks in!)


5 ways to rewire your brain to be positive:
I think the most important point here is pivoting your negative thoughts. Wallowing in negativity for hours is not productive. When you catch yourself dwelling on negative topics, aim your brain to a more positive line of thought. It takes practice, but once you learn to watch your own thought patterns, you can rewire your mind until there is less negativity floating around day to day.


If people are asking you what you want for Christmas, a list of books can be a great idea. Here are some positive psychology books that might help in your personal growth.


If the lack of light and season change are starting to get you down, here are some exercises that might help boost your happiness:
Also, don’t forget to get out in the sunlight for a few minutes whenever you can!


Our gorgeous city has changed a lot in the past 60 years. It’s hard to even imagine what it was like without the downtown towers. Here is a slideshow of the Toronto Skyline from 1957 to 2017:


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