Fear is a JERK

Fear is an insidious pest that has never been invited, but creeps into your brain at the worst possible times. Sometimes it cannot beaten by straight up cold logic. Sometimes it cannot even be beaten by proving it repeatedly wrong.

Fear is a cockroach. You can step on it in steel toed boots and it comes back. You can poison it, trap it and throw it out. It will come back.

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Positive Energy Without Being a Hippie

If you are looking for patchouli and crystals and incense, keep Googling. If you are looking for practical, logical ideas about how to bring positive energy into your day, keep reading.

There is nothing wrong with being a hippie, but some of us just don’t swing that way. You do you! Many of us occasionally find ourselves feeling down, depressed, and lacking positive energy, and need solutions without making a trip to the new age store.

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